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Our New Zealand South Island Trip, 18 to 25 Aug 2001

After rolling off a one-year long project, we thought it was time to take some time off, and New Zealand was such an obvious option! We visited South Island--more well-known for its beauty of nature compared to the North--for eight days and the place really lived up to its name!

nz_sheep.JPG (28237 bytes)

How do you know you are in New Zealand? The answer: from the traffic jam. It's a different kind of traffic altogether... sheep traffic! :p

nz_glacier.JPG (29952 bytes) Fox Glacier, a tourist-popular glacier (ice river) in South Island, was one of the highlights of our tour. Armed with winter clothes, crampons, and walking sticks, we walked up the glacier and savored a once-in-a-life-time experience. Sadly, we were told that the glacier was shrinking as there was not enough ice formed at the river source.
nz_glacier1.JPG (49291 bytes) Fox Glacier as seen from in front of our hotel, a picture-perfect log house with snow-capped mountains as background.
nz_milford.JPG (24575 bytes) The next major attraction we attended was the Milford Sound Cruise. A sound is an ex-sea-going-glacier which dries up, leaving a huge valley filled with seawater. This particular sound was famous for its beautiful views. From the cruise boat we could see the surrounding snow-capped mountains, numerous waterfalls, and occasional seals sun-bathing on the rocks.
nz_milford1.JPG (45576 bytes) One of the waterfalls along Milford Sound.

nz_queenstown.JPG (29539 bytes)

Queenstown, a ski resort city with all sorts of adventure tour such as jetboating, white-water rafting, bungee-jumping, parachuting, you name it. Despite all that, ducks--and peace and quietness--still roamed the lake beach right next to the city mall.
nz_deer1.JPG (53327 bytes) We spent the last day in New Zealand staying at Green Gables, a deer-farm one hour away from Christchurch. Pictured with Yoga here was Max, the family dog, and Polyana, one of the pet deers.
nz_deer.JPG (29552 bytes) Feeding time for the deer. They just had to follow the tractor while we left trailing grass for them to munch.
nz_deer2.JPG (31186 bytes) Another pet at Green Gables, Jack the ram, enjoyed eating biscuits straight from visitors' palms, just like the other pets did.
nz_antarctic.JPG (40886 bytes) Fifteen minute walk-away from the airport is the world-famous Antarctic Center. It is one of the main points of departure for scientists to go to the South Pole. Yoga tried out the heavy-duty clothing and posed with the showcase.