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Central Java, 28Dec02 - 2Jan03

The whole trip was about food and temples... It was planned coinciding with a cousin's wedding in Semarang, and Yogya is just a couple of hours drive away. The New Year's Eve was spent in Gadjah Wong restaurant in Yogya, where they put up quite a show of small fireworks.


003_SegoAyam_All.JPG (49640 bytes)

Sego ayam - chicken rice at roadside hawkers

008_SamPoKong_InnerGate.JPG (88057 bytes)

Sam-Po-Kong Temple, inner gate

009_SamPoKong_OuterGate.JPG (65567 bytes)

Sam-Po-Kong Temple, outer gate

011_KebunJerukTemple_Hok.JPG (66526 bytes)

Kebun Jeruk Temple

012_GangLombok_Inside.JPG (77260 bytes)

Gang Lombok Temple


023_Borobudur_SungHok.JPG (48532 bytes)

Borobudur upclose

033_Borobudur_SungHok.JPG (52671 bytes)

Borobudur from afar

037d_Prambanan_HokSung.JPG (25718 bytes)

Prambanan afar at night

037f_Prambanan_HokSung.JPG (56031 bytes)

Ramayana Play @ Prambanan

054_Prambanan_SungHok.JPG (35864 bytes)

Prambanan at daytime

058_Prambanan_SungHok.JPG (72301 bytes)

Prambanan upclose

039_Kraton_All.JPG (74314 bytes)

Kraton Yogyakarta (Palace) Entrance

076_Kraton_SungHok.JPG (75266 bytes)

Gazebo inside Kraton

043_Kereta_SungHok.JPG (54480 bytes)

Historical horse carriage of Kraton collection

047_SendangSono_HokSung.JPG (85734 bytes)

Sendangsono Church with Holy Mary Cave