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Welcome to Tembagapura!

Tembagapura - City of Copper - lies on a valley in the middle of Jayawijaya mountain range, so close to the Carstenz peak with its glacier. The city exists solely to support Freeport mining operations, inhabited by the company employees and their families. The only access to this city through land is via Freeport road, following the mountain ridge and even cutting through it at certain sections. Vehicles? Only 4WD Land Cruisers and Western Star trucks hauling equipments and necessities.

papua_tp_01.jpg (36924 bytes) The long, winding, steep and bumpy gravel road to Tembagapura, over and beyond the mountain ahead. This is the only road access trailed by only Toyota 4WD Land Cruisers, giant Western Star trucks with containers and huge haul-truck tires, Grader and other heavy industry equipments adding gravels keeping the road accessible constantly.
papua_tp_02.jpg (45697 bytes) Hidden Valley, a residential complex two miles before reaching Tembagapura. A cool secluded place, as the name suggests, with nothing but tranquility in the beauty of nature sights and sound all around. Buses serve people going back and forth between this place and Tpra.
papua_tp_03.jpg (43781 bytes) A breathtaking view of surrounding mountains while playing merry-go-round, a perfect getaway place only few can come to experience, and we're definitely part of the lucky few :)
papua_tp_04.jpg (51178 bytes) The first bus stop on the entrance to Hidden Valley, where we waited to board the bus to take us to Tpra.
papua_tp_05.jpg (67172 bytes) From Hidden Valley to Tembagapura, the road was downhill all the way, with some sections so steep you will slide down if not careful. But the walk was awesome! As we get closer, the road side offers great bird's eye view of the city and surrounding mountain.
papua_tp_06.jpg (66093 bytes) And we enter Tembagapura! Yes, we walked this time, all the way from Hidden Valley; How else do you think we can get good pictures, from the car? Uh-uh!

papua_tp_07.jpg (39553 bytes)

Be it fog or cloud, it's always there to greet you as you scale higher up the mountain. And it's no different here in Tembagapura. In the background is one of the office building, with white Land Cruisers lined up in the parking space.