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Welcome to Sheraton Timika!

A luxury in the middle of nowhere! This five-star hotel is located next to Timika airport, accessible from both public and Freeport roads. We decided to try on this facility on the weekend of 16-Mar-02.

papua_st_01.jpg (65178 bytes)

The sign says it all, a picture we wouldn't want to miss! So we can say: "been there, done that!"

papua_st_02.jpg (35887 bytes)

Luxurious cosy room with open verandah, yet well protected from the jungle bugs, insects, and especially mosquitoes, being covered with nets. As we looked out the window, we could see the well-maintained lawn surrounding the complex, separating the buildings from the dense jungle.

papua_st_03.jpg (48690 bytes)

That's our room above. Notice the unique building structure and the walkways connecting the buildings.

papua_st_04.jpg (50305 bytes)

Taking a night stroll after dinner, making a stop by the pool, sitting under a honai sheltering us from the drizzle.

papua_st_05.jpg (76404 bytes)

The pond just outside the lobby, a soothing view under the constant hot climate.