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Welcome to Kamoro Kakuru 2002!

The annual Kamoro tribe cultural festival, showing off their handicrafts, auctions, canoe races, and more. It was one loonngg and bumpy ride from KK to get to where the festival was, but it was well worth it! 13-Apr-02.

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The stage was set, the handicrafts were tagged individually and placed neatly for auction. The makers of the handicrafts gathered on one side of the stage, along with a group of tribesmen dressed for the occasion.

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A walk around the village, set up specially for the festivities, where they bunked and sold their art works to whoever was interested and willing to bargain.

papua_ko_03.jpg (49456 bytes) The auction, the piece is a traditional full-body mask used in tribe rituals. The starting price was never lower than 200k rupiah, and the bidding could reach millions depending on the piece.
papua_ko_04.jpg (27962 bytes) Posing with a couple of natives in their body paint and head piece made of bird feather.
papua_ko_05.jpg (63484 bytes) The river runs through the village where the festivities were centered, on which the canoe races were held.