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Welcome to Kuala Kencana!

Kuala Kencana - KK - is a small town built and administered by PT Freeport Indonesia for its employees housing and offices. Complete with 18-hole golf course and full-serviced club house, grocery shopping and department store, church and mosque, clinic, sports center, local and international schools, this town could very well be the cleanest, best managed and most secure town you can ever find in the whole of Indonesia. We were here for a project with Freeport, starting mid Jan-02.

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As you enter the town from Timika via public road, you will be greeted by this welcome signboard with high rising Kamoro totems.

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Drive on along the main road and you'll come to this main roundabout, where the four main roads in town intersect. Here again, the uniquely Kamoro totems bid you welcome and good luck.

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Our designated house on 4 Iwaka Rd, a fully furnished, three-bedroom town house, where we happily dwell in. No fences, just gravel path surrounding the house, and the dense rainforest a few steps away from the back door.

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The monument and symbol of KK, right in the middle of the town central park. On one direction you'll find the mosque, and directly to its opposite is the church.

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One of the main road leading to the office building on the right, and the shopping place on the left. The great Jayawijaya mountain range with its glacier-topped Carstenz peeps through the greeneries right ahead.

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One of the main road leading to BQ, that's short for Bachelor Quarters complex. Except for the lamp posts along the road, and the road itself, nothing else suggests existence of civilization; Trees and bushes as far as you can gaze. Well, we literally ARE in the middle of the jungle!

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A few miles out of KK to the direction of Tembagapura, this plain called "Paradise" is on the bank of tailing (waste) river. Sand on the ground, pine trees and bushes here and there, birds, clear water pools, surrounded by rainforest and mountains on the horizon, some may disagree about the name. People use this place for recreational activities, including aero-modeling.

papua_pe_02.jpg (65167 bytes) The main attraction in Paradise, this swimming pool is part of the recreational playground well maintained here. The surrounding pine trees and mountains mirrored perfectly on the water, taking my mind adrift back to New Zealand South Island Mirror Lakes.