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Welcome to Banti Village!

About half an hour ride down the mountain from Tembagapura, lies this natives settlement called Banti. Extensively supported by PT Freeport Indonesia Company, the village is no longer out of touch with time, in fact, probably more modern than average Indonesian villages in general.

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The breathtaking view from the cliff down to the wild-flowing tailing river, which carries waste sand and rocks from the ore processing mill on top of the mountain. The Banti villages are scattered across both sides of the river, some high above on the mountain ridges.

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Of course we wouldn't miss this opportunity of capturing such grandeur view, a momento from the trip.

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To the opposite side of the previous picture, where the gap of the mountains on both sides of the river narrows, there was the hanging bridge. No, we didn't have the chance of crossing it.

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Some of the natives we met, in front of their pretty modern houses and a church on background. Freeport has everything to do with such modernity.

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The 'Honai', the round-shaped cone-roofed traditional house, no longer in leaves roof and clay walls... 

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Along the road to the village, waterfalls rush down the cliffs of the mountain into the tailing river below. 
DSCN0988.JPG (59384 bytes) The natives walk up and down the only long-steep-rocky road connecting their villages to Tembagapura, most of the times with heavy load hanging from their forehead. In the background is the juncture of two rivers merging, the tailing river on the left originating from the mine, with the clean river on the right originating from Tembagapura.