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Cirebon, West Java, 15-16 November 2002

Started off as a business trip, we made use of the weekend to look around Cirebon, a small town on north coast of West Java close to the border with Central Java, about 4 hours train ride from Jakarta (there is no TGV in Indonesia, four hours translate to about 300km). The town used to be the center of a sultanate, with many of the palaces currently occupied by its descendants, treated as museums and open to the public. We stayed in Bentani Hotel, just a short walking distance from the train station. Friday night dinner at Jumbo Seafood, and Saturday morning rambling across the wet market through to two major palaces...

HotelGamelan.JPG (57481 bytes)

Gamelan instruments at Bentani Hotel

LocalCrafts.JPG (110417 bytes)

Local handicrafts on display at hotel artshop

HotelMiniChariot.JPG (80347 bytes)

A miniature of Royal Chariot in hotel lobby

KanomanGate.JPG (115857 bytes)

Uniquely Cirebon-style gate structure at Kanoman Palace

KanomanCoppola.JPG (126885 bytes)

A structure inside Kanoman Palace Compound

KanomanCompound.JPG (131153 bytes)

Artistic lamp post inside Kanoman Palace lawn

KanomanRoyalChariot.JPG (62946 bytes)

Royal Sultanate Chariot in Kanoman Museum

KatjirebonanTerrace.JPG (68619 bytes)

Katjirebonan Palace terrace of over 200 years old

KatjirebonanRoom.JPG (67253 bytes)

Collection of royal attributes inside Katjirebonan Palace

TrainStation.JPG (82299 bytes)

A painting of Cirebon train station in its main hall