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Selamat Datang di Indonesia!

This is the country where we were born and spend the most of our lifetime, naturally. Unfortunately, our documentation only started recently, so you'll only find the stories from the past few years. We are trying to consolidate more of the scattered pictures from our past to show here. In the meantime, enjoy the available ones as charted in the map below.



1. Jakarta

2. Cirebon

3. Purwokerto

4. Semarang-Yogyakarta

5. Bali


6. Makassar

West Papua:

7. Mimika Area

     A. Timika

     B. Kamoro Kakuru

     C. Kuala Kencana

     D. Tembagapura

     E. Banti

     F. Mine Tour

     G. Amamapare