Jay's Growth Milestones

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Five months may not necessarily affect any significant change in adult lives, but to a baby, that's aplenty for a transformation. And that's what Jay has gone through, taking on life one step at a time, learning something new everyday.

2 Weeks:
Lifting his head when put in tummy position, a good exercise to strengthen his neck.




1 Month:
Growing out of his newborn blurry eyesight, he's able to see clearly by this time, as shown by his staring at faces. Wonder what goes inside his mind looking at the giant faces around him...

2 Months:

Ohh... look at that toothless smile, isn't that just adorable? Yup, he's responding to people and the surrounding already.

2 Months 3 Week:

Making their bubbas laugh out loud is a new sport for every new parent, and who doesn't want to try with a prize like this.

2 Months 3 Weeks:

Bearing weight on legs would be a prerequisite to standing, and later, walking.

3 Months:

Grasping objects within reach, not always successful... hence the concentration and determination on his face.


3 Months 1 Week:

Somewhere along the way, he realised that he has two hands and they can connect with each other. Playing with his own hands, and what better way of using them than tasting them with his mouth.

3 Months 2 Week:

Hm, this orange thingy looks yummy, let's try a bite! Anything he grabs hold of goes into his mouth.


3 Months 3 Weeks:

Rolling over by himself has been his favourite past time ever since he mastered this skill.



3 Months 3 Weeks:

Thinking... who are these people? Anxiety with strangers.

4 Months:

Sitting momentarily... a few seconds after this picture's taken, he's fallen flat on his face. Well, it would be a couple more months before he can sit truly and well by himself without assistance.

4 Months 1 Week:

Sipping something other than milk, watermelon! It seems like he is ready for solids.


5 Months 1 Week:

Lifting his body like a mini push-up, either learning to crawl, preparing to sit, or simply got bored of just lying on tummy.

5 Months 1 Week:

First set of teeth, two incisors pushing out through his gum of lower jaw. The picture shows the second set of teeth on his upper jaw, popping out in month 6 week 3. Days of dribbles will get worse as he desperately tries to alleviate his gum itch.

5 Months 2 Weeks:

Maintaining standing position while leaning. Still wobbly and at time scary, as if he could drop anytime (and he did a few times).

5 Months 2 Weeks:

First solid food, rice cereal in milk. A bit early if referencing the general recommendation, but he's ready. Awkward at first, but soon he got the hang of it, and actually liked it.


6 Months 2 Weeks:

Crawling, yes, he's crawling forward, finally, after so long showing promising positions. It was the military style crawl at the moment.

6 Months 3 Weeks:

Sitting and keeping balance on his own, he could move around in this position without falling over on his back or supported on arms. His hands are free to grab whatever thing within reach around. Also at this time, he leaned of object permanence.

7 Months 2 Weeks:

Pulling himself to standing position by holding to anything he can grab on, mostly furniture or people. Funny thing was, he couldn't get back down, not until a month later!

9 Months 2 Weeks:

Meaningful, more complex, controlled hand gestures, such as: pointing with index finger, waving, pinching/ pincer-grip in picking up small objects.


10 Months:

Free standing without holding to anything. He started letting go of his hands while standing, and maintained his position for a few seconds. In three weeks, he's already managed to stand up on his own from sitting position.