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Thursday, 03 May 2007


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Welcome to The Yoga Family Home Page 

The limestone pinnacles at Mulu National Park piercing high above the forest trees, Sabah, 2-Feb-07

Thank you for visiting our website!


They say that life is the most precious gift one may get, and whatever little time we have in life should be cherished to the utmost, not to be wasted away.  And indeed, we have made very good use of our long nights and days in the remote jungles of Papua, while working in a mining company there... just look at this website!


That was the start, when we jotted down some stories and hand-picked a few recent pictures from our newly-wed life to be published into this website, with the sole intention of learning at least the tiniest bit of "the triple-w realm", and hopefully to share a bit of our life stories with friends and families oceans apart.


Time flies, and good times rolled.  Since then we have moved on, as we left the breathtaking glacier-topped Papuan mountains behind, into the hustles & bustles of city life in The Land Down-Under.  Everyday we weave a new story, as we travel around this vast land filled with such natural beauty.  Two years passed quickly in Sydney, almost like a wonderful dream.  As we moved on yet once more, we now call Kuala Lumpur our new home.


We hope you'd enjoy the pictures and accompanying stories (although you may notice they only get shorter and shorter in the more recent trips; Time can be such a constraint when it comes to nurturing creativity).  Do visit us often to check out more of what we have to share...



Kris, Judith & Jay