Our Story - The Beginning


Krisadi Yoga (杨增福) Judithia Arie Wirawan (黄松青)

Hok, that’s my given name, was born on 2-Aug-1973 in Bagansiapiapi, a little coastal town in Riau province of Indonesia, once known for its fishery. Being the youngest of seven siblings, three brothers and three sisters. with eight years gap with my nearest sibling makes me like a separate generation altogether. 

At the age of six, I was enrolled into Bintang Laut Elementary School, skipping kindergarten. I still remembered the silly thing they made me do, touching my left ear with my right hand over my head, all because I was one year in advance. Well, didn’t quite remember how it went, but there I was spending the next six years in this school. 

The year was 1985 when I got out my little hometown for the first time, bound for the big metropolitan Jakarta. The idea was to continue my junior high school there, unfortunately things didn’t go as planned. I went back to Bagan into Wahidin Junior High, missing the first few days of school. My first day was quite an embarrassment as I recalled, being the only kid wearing brown boy scout uniform among the crowd in white shirt and blue shorts, not to mention being late from searching for the classroom. Another three years went by. 

Six days on high sea in a local freighter finally brought me to Jakarta again, this time I was set to stay, thanks to my big sister with her vision. I was soon touring a number of selected high schools with my sister and her then-boyfriend now-husband, across Jakarta and Bandung, until I finally landed in St. Aloysius Senior High, also known as TOP. It was the finest private school in town, not bad for a little town kid! By the time I finished senior high, a new name was created, and I became Krisadi Yoga. There's a whole story behind this name, but in short, it's made up from three words: Keris+Adi+Yoga, to reflect metal element (Keris) and my chinese surname.

One would think that high school years must be wild, full of exciting experience; Well, mine went by rather differently, a bit nerdy and calm. And just when I resolve for things to be wilder, I entered Petroleum Engineering Department of Bandung Institute of Technology, dry place with two girls out of 50 in class. OK, nobody said it was going to be easy, but despite the self encouragement for making greater exposure, my four and a half years in ITB again went by without much difference; Well, there's change in my way of thinking, getting a feel of the oilfields of Caltex and Maxus, and opportunities of getting out in the nature with the guys, mountain climbing to Papandayan and camping in the wild Ujung Kulon National Park, some great experience to cherish.

Through a job fair held by the university in conjunction to graduation, I came into contact with Andersen Consulting, to which I applied despite my friends’ comments about how slim our chances are to be offered. Well, you never know when you never tried, and nothing to lose anyway. So, there I was in this firm, later to be known as Accenture, threading my career, with my first overseas assignment to Singapore two years after I joined. It took me almost four years in Singapore before finally landing my heart on Sung...

I was born on 21-Mar-1974 in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java province of Indonesia, where all my family members, parents and siblings were also born. When my delivery time was due, my Mom was driven to the hospital by Er Ciu, her younger brother, on a motorbike. My Dad was in Bandung at that time, as he had started working there in a textile factory owned by some Hong Kong investors.

Around the time when I was two and my younger sister was not even one year old, my family moved to Bandung to join my Dad, to a rented house.  We lived there for a year and moved to another rented house for a couple of years before finally my Dad could afford to buy a house of his own at the city’s edge. The house was so far to the city’s outer rim that when coming home from school, I actually passed through some paddy fields with buffalos plowing them. I do not remember much of those preschool years, except for some small birds my Dad used to keep in a cage when we still lived in the rented house. 

I spent my kindergarten and primary school years in Bina Bakti, a private school near our rented house. My Mom moved me to St. Aloysius for my high school. The funny thing is, Hok actually went to the same high school and we spent two years studying together in the same school, each oblivious of the existence of the other. 

All along those years living in Bandung, we, the kids and my Mom, always spent our school vacation time in Semarang, where our grandparents and most of our relatives still lived. My Dad sometimes joined us but his time was limited by his work. During school sessions, I spent most of my school spare time in the library in my junior high years. It was in the last year of my junior high that my family decided to adopt Indonesian names, and I became Judithia Arie Wirawan.

Then when I moved on to my senior years, and here I joined the mountaineering extracurricular club. I traveled a bit with my mountaineering friends to some mountains on and around Java Island, such as Mount Ciremai in West Java, Mount Semeru in East Java, and Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island. 

In 1992, high school time came to an end for me. I passed the national examination and got accepted in the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. The campus was located in Depok, a small town on the outskirt of Jakarta. I moved to a rented room there and enjoyed immensely my time exploring new things and learning much more than what was taught in the classrooms. I learnt about independence, art, organization, friendship, disappointment… in short I learnt about life. The 6 years I spent there was 6 years well spent. 

Upon graduating, I moved yet again to another rented room in Jakarta, somewhat smaller and stuffier, but much nearer to my working place, PT Accenture Indonesia. One year into working for the company, I was assigned to Singapore. Unexpected but not unwelcomed, I met my future husband there...

2002 then & now 2004

Julius Austin Yang ()

Jay, or Hao, for short, was born on 2-Apr-2004 in Sydney, Australia. It is the second year of our stay in this country while Judith undertakes her master's degree in University of New South Wales. Into the first days of his early childhood, like all babies, Jay's been sleeping, feeding, and producing dirty nappies. But unlike most babies, Jay's been relatively cooperative, feeding and sleeping enough, with longer sleeps at night, as if he knows not to disturb the peaceful night sleep. When he's awake, he's mostly settled by himself in his crib, or anywhere we put him, his eyes ever so watchful scanning around with utmost curiosity.

He's growing fast, too, putting on weight aggressively, thanks to the feeding frenzy. Just look at those fluffy cheeks and double chin where the neck should be. With frequent feedings, comes even more frequent wet nappies, soaking through every layer of his clothes. But that's acceptable, all in the name of growth. From 3530gr at birth, he's put on more than half a kg in just two weeks, and 2cm taller. Go, Jay, grow!