To Meet Julius Austin Yang
Our First-Born and Son


  ( yng ho )






Call him JAY, for short. Everything about him has been great, from pregnancy to labour to early childhood that we're experiencing now! The pregnancy has been quite uneventful, with Jay calculated to be due on 1-Apr; Good thing he didn't decide to come out exactly on that day, coz nobody would have believed the news of his birth. The labour process was also smooth, with amniotic fluid started trickling out on the night of 31-Mar, serving as an early warning for us that he'd be coming out within two days time, making all the preparations much better organized. The real labour with contractions started on the night of 1-Apr, and getting intense in the wee hours of the next day. We checked into the Royal Hospital for Women at 7am, directly into Delivery Suite assisted by a midwife from the team, all as planned for a normal birth. Things progressed well in the beginning, with dilation progressing quickly to 9cm. Unfortunately, it didn't progress any further for a couple of hours after, and somehow contractions slowed and weakened. Syntocin drip was inserted to induce the contractions back, but two hours later, despite the intense contractions, dilation stood still. This called for an emergency caesarean procedure, preceded by an epidural block as anaesthetic. All the while through the process, based on the baby heartbeat monitor, Jay had been putting up real well with no signs of distress whatsoever!

First cry - Jay was born on 2-Apr-04, at 1643h by caesarean

Weighed - 3530gr, measured - 51cm

First injection - vitamin K, as hospital's standard procedure

Dad reunited Jay with Mom after he's been cleaned up and wrapped

Mom's smile: "So you're the one who's been hiding in my tummy..."

Grandma came right away after being notified

And the other Grandma, too

First bath on day 3 - rekindling in-womb experience, he loved it!

Postnatal Ward Rm.20 - Jay's been on feeding frenzy: "Gotta get the milk flowing"

Going home after three days stay in the hospital, strong Mom & tough baby